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If you want to work in Scotland, there are a few different ways to find jobs. You can use local job websites or contact employers directly. There are also several recruitment agencies that can help you find a job in Scotland.

A well-designed store layout can increase visibility and sales, as well as make it easier for customers to navigate the store. It can also help a business build its brand identity.

GDP Design & Shopfitting Ltd

GDP Design & Shopfitting Ltd is a Private Limited Company with a registered office in Norwich. The company's line of business includes supplying retail equipment. Its products include refrigeration, shelving and suspended ceilings. GDP Design & Shopfitting Ltd serves clients in the United Kingdom. Its customers include convenience stores, card shops, green grocers, pawn brokers and post offices.

A refit of a shop can increase turnover and profit, and customers usually make more impulse purchases in a newly-fitted location. A shopfitting will also create a more modern look, which attracts new customers. Businesses that choose to undergo a refit typically experience a quick return on investment. A new layout and improved lighting levels will improve the shopping experience of customers, which is a major plus for any retail company.


RB UK is a company that specialises in shop fitting and merchandising. They provide a full range of storefitting solutions including commercial refrigeration, display shelving and flooring. They also offer a bespoke design service and can help businesses achieve their desired look. They work with a wide range of businesses, including convenience stores, green grocers, post offices, newsagents and pawn brokers.