Differences Between POE Switch and Regular Ethernet Switch

What is the difference between Poe switches and regular ethernet switches? Generally speaking, there are five differences:

1. Reliability: Poe switches are switches that support power supply to network cables. Compared with regular ethernet switches, power receiving terminals (such as AP, digital camera, etc.) do not need power wiring, which is more reliable for the entire network.

2. Different functions: Poe switches can not only provide the transmission functions of regular ethernet switches, but also provide power supply for the equipment at the other end of the network cable.

3. Different advantages: Poe switches have many advantages. They can save costs without extra wires. The system is flexible and easy to upgrade and maintain in the later stage.

4. Different power supply methods: Poe switch is a ethernet switch that supports network cable power supply. It can not only realize the data transmission function of regular switch, but also supply power to network terminals at the same time. Regular ethernet switches need power to work properly, and Poe perfectly solves this problem.

5. Different operation: the difference between Poe switches and regular ethernet switches lies in that some Poe switches with good performance can also easily manage the power supply of each Poe port and the whole equipment through the humanized operation interface, which is more convenient for operation.