Flash Bitcoin Generator Software

Flash Bitcoin Generator Software

Are you in search of how to Flash coins on the blockchain, Binance, Coinbase, and other wallet networks, this flashing bitcoin can stay in any wallet for a maximum of 50 days before being rejected by the blockchain network and finally disappearing from the wallet it was sent to?

We present you the new version of Flash BTC Transaction software, bitcoin flashing software Full Version.

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1), The first is that it disappears in any wallet it is found in and any crypto it has been converted to after 50 days from the date you received it.

2), The second difference is that Flash BTC cannot be transferred more than 12 times.

3), And the third difference is that Flash BTC can be converted into any other type of crypto coin in an exchange, but if it is restored, that coin will also disappear after 50 days

4) You can set the time delay you want the flash coin to stay from 5min to 50 days

5) Comes with a lifetime activation key

7) You can send a max of 100btc daily