Fulfilling The Students Social & Learning Aspirations

Topiko can be your buddy-on-hand to brush-up your skills and learning endeavors. It’s flexible and adapts to your learning needs, whether you’re a high-school student, undergraduate or a postgraduate, you’ll absolutely love to use it on your phone.

Other than learning, students can set up user accounts for socializing, look-ups for promotional offers and best buy deals offered by businesses listed in the app Online Store Builder.

Unlike student apps that are exclusively dedicated towards online learning, Topiko lets you play around if you’ve been pursuing a hard study schedule Digital Store Creator.

Look-up for denim jeans or other apparel offered by listed neighborhood stores, or kill your hunger walking into a restaurant nearby, find the best pizza deals, all with a click of a button.

The flexibility of having Topiko’s multi-communication tools on your cell phone provides you mobility; it doesn’t pin you down or confine you to your home Mobile business networking. You can learn on the go, while traveling in a local bus or public transport.

Just like other social apps, Topiko too lets you set up a profile page, highlighting your skills or bio. If you are planning to start a small enterprise, or develop your career, go ahead and set up a business account on Topiko.

Add all information and material to your profile page, including images and videos highlighting the area of your specialty, whether you are a budding actor, musician or a craftsman selling exquisite products, Topiko will set you up for an illustrious and promising journey online, in a competitive work space on the web.