Maydl'sHernia:AnUnusualCauseofStrangledInguinalHernia,ACase Report

Strangled inguinal hernia is a surgical emergency characterized
by the permanent striction of the contents of the hernia inside
the sac. The latter is characterized, when it is a Maydl hernia, by
the presence of two intestinal loops, connected by an intra-abdominal intermediate loop called retrograde, all drawing a “W”
or an omega. The risk of this anatomical form is the necrosis of
the intra-abdominal loop. Therefore, careful surgical exploration
of the intra-abdominal loops is more than crucial. Severity is related to complications of acute intestinal obstruction, peritonitis
by intestinal perforation, hydroelectrolytic disorders (acute dehydration, acute renal failure, etc.). The management is essentially
surgical. The objective of our work was to report a case of Maydl’s
hernia complicated by intra-abdominal loop necrosis diagnosed in
intraoperative and requiring a termino-terminal ileo-ileal resection-anastomosis.