Move-Up – Running Promotions And Driving Online Sales

Traditional marketing is steadily making way for digital marketing, with 57% of the global population now using the internet. An average 6 hours and 42 minutes is spent by users online, per research by ClickZ, a digital marketing community Digital Store Builder.

Mobile phones according to projections will be the source for 73% of e-commerce sales. It's never too late for businesses to start exploring the growth prospects of going online Mobile networking app

Topiko, with a structured platform developed for mobile e-commerce, can be a driving force to power your growth Small business tools.

Beginning with setting up a business account, and creating a dynamic business profile page with a vibrant custom website, your offline business can go online in real quick time Business networking.

There are many digital marketing strategies that you can implement, once you are online, keep in mind that 2/3rds of online customers, undecided initially, end up purchasing after getting a promotional offer Small business website.

So offering promotional deals, discounts, or coupons is just one way of driving sales. Setting up promotional campaigns that stimulate engagement with prospects is another aspect worth exploring Digital Store Builder.

Either way, Topiko can be your launch-pad to explore all avenues of marketing. With a multi-channel communication platform, chat with your prospects or initiate voice or video calls for an effective engagement with clients Digital payment solutions.

Not to forget, that customers enjoy hearing about promotional deals, and price-drop-downs, real-time push notifications can be a valuable resource that you can explore sending out to your customers.

Needless to mention, the entire focus of a business dwells upon engaging customers for years of loyalty, rather than sales from a single transaction.

QR code is another valuable asset that Topiko provides.