MUELLER HINTON AGAR PLATE | Ready-To-Use Culture Media

Mueller Hinton Agar is a widely used medium with multiple applications. It serves as a culture medium for the growth of Neisseria species and plays a crucial role in determining the susceptibility of microorganisms to antibiotics. This medium was originally formulated by Mueller and Hinton for the primary isolation of Neisseria species.The adoption of Mueller Hinton Agar for antibiotic susceptibility testing was recommended by Bauer and Kirby. They proposed a method involving a single high-concentration antibiotic disc, which has since become a standard practice in antimicrobial susceptibility testing.
The reputation of Mueller Hinton Agar as a benchmark medium is well-deserved. It adheres to the guidelines set forth by the Clinical and Laboratory Standard Institute (CLSI), previously known as NCCLS. It also aligns with the requirements of the WHO, FDA, and EUCAST, ensuring its reliability and accuracy in susceptibility testing.