Odia Puja Book Gupta Bhagabata Ba Chori Chabisha By Jagannatha Das

Atibadi Jagannatha Dasa was an Odia artist and litterateur. He was one of the 5 extraordinary artists in Odia writing, the Panchasakha. He composed the Odia Bhagabata.Dasa was brought into the world in Kapileswarpur Sasana on Radhastami in 1491, in a laid out Brahmin group of Kaushiki Gotra. His mom was Padmabati Debi and his dad was Bhagabana Dasa.
His dad was a speaker of the Bhagavata in Utkala. Satisfied with Bhagbana Dasa's explanation of the Bhagavata, Lord Purushottama Deva, the then authoritative ruler of Utkala, gave him the title "Purana Panda". He prepared Jagannatha to follow him as a Purana Panda. Jagannatha Dasa was practically as old as Chaitanya. Not long after their opportunity meeting under the Kalpa Bata, a profound connection became between the two that formed into a warm, deep rooted kinship. Chaitanya was an eager admirer of Dasa and referred to him as "Atibadi." Dasa composed the Odia Bhagabata. It had an extraordinary impact in the normalizing of the Odia language. Its ubiquity in Odisha came to its degree being adored in many homes in Odisha. The towns in Odisha used to have a little house or room known as bhagabata tungi, where locals would assemble to pay attention to recitations of Dasa's Bhagabata. A large number of its sections have become precepts and are refered to by individuals all through Odisha.