Thermal Insulated Profile sheet

Metahybrid developed by GEOMETRIC STEELS. It is an under-deck multilayer thermal insulated metal roof and wall cladding sheet. It has a special composition of thermal insulation material as per the application and customer’s needs.

Today, due to global warming, people are experiencing trends of inconsistent weather conditions. In such conditions, constructing and maintaining energy-efficient, safe, long-lasting, and pleasing structures demands innovative technology, which will enhance the entire building envelope for greatest performance. GEOMETRIC STEELS understands that solutions can come from anywhere. That’s why we look further afield, than the traditional construction category to bring flawless engineering and inspired ideas to build and construct projects of all kinds. We bring thermal insulated metal roofing solutions that help insulate, protect, and enhance residential, commercial and industrial buildings to help you achieve the most durable, reliable and valuable results for your projects.