Tyre Shop in Noida/Tyre Shop in Noida

We started as Nand Motors in Delhi/NCR area and the journey so far has been great . We are know for our impeccable reputation that has been built over the years with the love and faith of our loyal customer.

What we offer:
Our multi brand establishment offers a vast range of Tires for Luxury cars, Family cars, Commercial vehicles and Two wheeler.

We are dealing with premium brands like Bridgestone, Apollo Tires, Yokohama, Goodyear and Michelin tires.

Tyre Shop in Noida/Tyre Shop in Noida

We have been working on top-notch quality tyres for the longest period. Right from Bridgestone Tyre to some Yokohama Tyre, we have everything under one belt. Based on the car model, we have separate tyres to venture into.

We would love to be your multi-brand establishment, where our primary goal is to offer a vast range of tyres, designed for not just luxury cars, but for family cars as well.
We have specially crafted tyres for commercial vehicles, known for their robust structure and durability. There is a separate team working on Two-wheeler now.
Our company has been working hand in hand with some of the premium brands for their tyres. Some of those are Goodyear Tyre, Yokohama, Goodyear, Apollo Tyres and Michelin tyres.