WHO Launches Alliance for Food Safety to Achieve Global Surveillance Targets

In a pivotal move toward enhancing food safety worldwide, the World Health Organization (WHO) has joined forces with the European Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Division of Foodborne Waterborne and Environmental Disease (CDC DFWED) to establish the WHO Alliance for Food Safety. This initiative, aligned with the WHO Global Strategy for Food Safety 2022–2030, seeks to address critical targets in foodborne disease surveillance.

Inception Meeting Set for May 6–8, 2024, in Geneva
Scheduled for its inaugural meeting from May 6–8, 2024, in Geneva, Switzerland, and virtually, the WHO Alliance for Food Safety aims to propel the objectives outlined in the WHO Global Strategy for Food Safety. Adopted in May 2022, the strategy delineates five key priorities to advance food safety and sets ambitious target goals, including a significant increase in global capacity for surveillance of foodborne diseases and contamination.

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