World Best Honey Buckwheat Honey

Buckwheat Honey is used in numerous ways by people. It's a nutritious, natural sugar, a concentrated energy source, and an antiquated folk remedy for wellbeing and healing. It is also a functioning ingredient in skin care and beauty products and the subject of medical examination. So what precisely is this sweet, syrupy superfood, and how might it help you?

It usually gets its dark color from polyphenols, the excellent antioxidants found in red wine, tea, dark chocolate and berries. Its flavor is rich and malty, with notes of black cherries and chocolate. Buckwheat honey shades from dark purple to black yet is generally golden with a slightly reddish color. It never turns sour and may get crystallized in a long time. However, it is effectively recognizable with its intense molasses flavor and a persistent lingering after-flavor.


• A great source of iron.
• Higher in mineral substance.
• No fat or cholesterol.
• Gives quick energy.

Its taste isn't ideal for everybody, except once acclimated with it, some people fall totally in love with its lingering flavor impression. Darker honey varieties like this are said to contain more antioxidants.